Study Abroad in Beijing

If China is the Middle Kingdom, at the center of the world, then Beijing is the Middle City, at the heart of China.

Study Abroad in Shanghai

If Beijing has the gravitas of an elder statesman, Shanghai is the brash nouveau riche elbowing onto the social scene.

Study Abroad in Xi'an

If you're wary of getting smothered by the sheer mass of Beijing or Shanghai, try studying abroad in Xi'an.

Top Chinese Universities for Studying Abroad

As you consider study-abroad programs and placement services, it's helpful to know more about their Chinese partner institutions.

Traveling in China on a Student's Budget

You're bound to hear about the glory days--before the summer Olympics, before you got to China--when everything was cheaper. This is true, if annoying.

Top Ten Reasons to Study Abroad in China

Expanded from our original top ten reasons to study abroad article, this article focuses on the top ten reasons to study abroad in China.