Czech Republic Study Abroad Country Profile

Czech Republic Overview

Many students are interested in studying in Europe for a variety of reasons, but they would like a destination other than France, Spain, or Italy. Though it is only about the size of South Carolina, the Czech Republic is something of a hidden gem in Europe. Until 1993, the Czech Republic was part of Czechoslovakia, and today the country encompasses Bohemia and Moravia, as well as a rich cultural history. From composers to writers, the Czech Republic has quite the creative legacy. Prague is the country’s cultural center, but historic towns, castles, and national parks are scattered across the rest of the country. The Czech Republic has much to offer for students that want a different European experience.

Cultural Highlights

Whether your academic interests are primarily cultural or not, the Czech Republic is abound with cultural activities and points of interest. The Czech Republic is quite famous for its castles, which are strewn about the country. Some of the castles date back to around the 12th century, and many of the castles serve as their own museums. They have everything from artwork, cavernous Gothic halls, and ornate chapels. While some of the castles are in ruins or currently being restored, many of them are in fantastic condition.

In addition to castles, there are a lot of other things to take in while in the Czech Republic. Prague offers jazz clubs and concert venues, museums, and more. There are 11 UNESCO World Heritage Sites around the country, and many scenic national parks with mountain lakes surrounded by dense forests, rolling hills, and caves. Bohemia is famous for beer, while Moravia has pastoral rolling hills that are the perfect setting for vineyards, folk art, and even more castles.

Popular Fields of Study

The Czech Republic is a great choice for students from a variety of academic backgrounds. The country is home to a dozen different universities, one of which is the world-renowned Charles University. Czech is a moderately difficult language to learn, but most classes are also available in English.

Many majors will feel at home in Czech Republic study abroad universities and on academic programs in the Czech Republic. Programs and courses are available in everything from the humanities, history and social sciences to business, legal studies, political science, and international relations. Post-Communist studies are also popular in the Czech Republic, often in the context of another area, like art. Regardless of your interests, you are almost certain to find a program or course of study in the Czech Republic that will give you a new perspective.

Why Study Abroad in the Czech Republic?

The Czech Republic has many unique advantages as a study abroad destination. Here are ten reasons why you should consider studying abroad in the Czech Republic.

1. Castles

The Czech Republic has seemingly countless castles (over 3000!), including the world’s largest castle, Prague Castle.

2. Language

The language benefits of the Czech Republic are two-fold. Czech is an accessible language to learn (and you will be surrounded by people to converse with!), and most university courses are offered in English.

3. Prague

The capital city of the Czech Republic and its cultural center, Prague, is a great location for students, with plenty of music venues, restaurants, and plenty of other cultural points of interest.

4. Bohemia

Bohemia has a variety of natural areas, from the rugged to the pastoral, in addition to many cultural draws. Many parts of Bohemia are popular among tourists and make for great mini-trips during your studies.

5. Universities

The Czech Republic is home to a number of great universities, including Charles University, which has a glowing international reputation. Thought-provoking courses are available on a variety of topics.

6. Access to the rest of Europe

The Czech Republic is centrally located in Europe and thus makes it a great starting point for traveling around the rest of the continent. After finishing your Czech Republic study abroad experience, you'll have convenient access to many interesting nearby countries.

7. Cost of Living

Though you may find some things that are comparably priced to the same thing back home, many things in the Czech Republic are less expensive. Basic needs like food and transportation are very reasonable for a student.

8. Cities other than Prague

While Prague is both the capital and cultural center, many of the Czech Republic’s other cities have unique things to offer, from several great museums in Brno, to Olomouc, a riverside university town with 1,000 years of history.

9. Geocaching

If you are interested in geochaching, it is a popular activity in the Czech Republic and there are thousands of caches around the country. Bilingual descriptions are usually available online.

10. Safety

Aside from the normal hazards that tourists and students should normally be on the lookout for (mostly pick-pocketing and getting the runaround in taxis), the Czech Republic is a very safe country.

Czech Republic Study Abroad Statistics

Czech Republic Country Ranking: 15

(based on total outbound U.S. students)
  • % of U.S. students: 1.4%
  • Total US Students 2005/06: 2,846
  • Total US Students 2006/07: 3,145
  • Yearly 2006/07 Trend: +10.5%
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