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Study Abroad Information for Students

If you are a prospective study abroad student we know that you probably have some questions. By filling out our below contact form our study abroad counselors can help provide more in depth advice and answers to the most common questions asked by students:

What are my study options?

Depending on your specific study goals you'll need to consider if your focus will be specifically on language studies or concentrated on another focus such as science or business. If you are a graduate or undergraduate student you may also be eligible for placement in an internship position.

Accreditation of Foreign Schools

Not all foreign based Universities offer courses that are compatible with US based institutions. That is why it is helpful to talk to someone who can explain what study abroad programs will provide credits that will be properly transferred to your home school and help you graduate on time.

In Country Support

Providing support for students after arrival involves more than just assisting you with classes and registration. Many of our placement services offer 24 hour assistance in case of an emergency.

Airport Pickup

Many of our placement services will pick you up from the airport and get you immediately settled and acquainted with your new country so you don't have to stress about the small stuff!

Health Insurance

We can assist with finding local and international health coverage plans to makes sure you are covered in case of medical need.

Cell Phone Rental

Trying to research local cell phone plans and sign up for temporary service can be a huge headache. Many of our placement services can give you a pay as you go cell phone ready to go on your day of arrival, pre-programmed with all the important numbers you need.

In Country Weekend & Travel Activities

Many of our partner companies will provide pre-arranged weekend activities for you including transportation and entrance admissions to popular attractions free of charge. This allows you to not worry about navigating around a city, lets you make more productive use of your free time, allows you to see more sites you wouldn't see otherwise, and gives you the chance to meet and interact with other students.

Program Dates & Costs

There are many important steps involved in getting successfully enrolled in a study abroad program. We can help provide more information on application deadlines, specific academic requirements of schools, and available financial aid and scholarships.

Travel & Visa Assistance

We'll help you figure out the most cost effective way for to arrive at your destination country and can answer any questions you have about visa requirements and application instructions.